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Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction is a chronic disease, which causes individuals to seek “reward” from substance-use or other activities whether or not they may cause harm. Addiction treatment has been in the spotlight as payers, policymakers, and health systems struggle to address the opioid crisis and increasing substance-related mortality rates. As a result, the addiction treatment market is shifting—there is expanded coverage for residential treatment, a push towards greater integration and care coordination, and new competitors entering the market—creating new challenges and opportunities for organizations working in addiction treatment.

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Five States To Pilot The Shatterproof Addiction Treatment Rating System

On May 2, 2019, Shatterproof announced that West Virginia would be joining Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and New York as the fifth and final state to participate in a pilot of a new quality rating system for addiction treatment programs. The Shatterproof Rating System is intended to standardize the evaluation of addiction treatment across all levels… Read

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