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Welcome to the OPEN MINDS Circle library! For over 30 years, our team has covered the news, trends, metrics, regulatory changes, and thought leaders shaping the sectors of the health and human service field that affect consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. This is your gateway to this $860 billion market — all the information your team needs to stay on top of the market, make strategic decisions, and manage highly effective organizations.

Executive Briefing

Five Rules For Building An Effective KPI System

By Sarah C. Threnhauser, MPA

More competition and more value-based reimbursement (VBR) are making performance management more important for health and human service management teams—they need to run business operations, track and correct staff performance, negotiate contracts—all the while out positioning other competitors in the market. The question is, does your management team have useful data available to make these decisions? Creating a performance management system that reports metrics in a way that promotes action and performance improvement takes planning. Without a dashboard to display what data usable, answering that you have the data might not matter all that much. Data is great, but hardly useful without a good dashboard. You can measure and show outcomes, but they must be articulated in a way that the audience (your management...

Medicaid financing of behavioral health (mental health and addiction) benefits across state Medicaid programs can take one of three forms—the benefits can be integrated with financing for physical health across the plan (either within the fee-for-service [FFS] plan or a Medicaid health plan), the benefits can be included in a vertical consumer-specific specialty carve-out plan, or the benefits can...
On February 6, 2019, OneFifteen, a new non-profit organization launched by Verily, announced plans to open a technology-enabled addiction treatment campus in Dayton, Ohio in the spring of 2019. To create OneFifteen, Verily joined with two local health networks, Kettering Health Network and Premier Health. OneFifteen includes two operating units. OneFifteen Health, a taxable non-profit management services organization, will...

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