Building Your Own Definition Of ‘Value’

Executive Briefing | January 20, 2017
Jamie Stewart Last week, OPEN MINDS Vice President Paul Block, Ph.D. talked about the challenges of getting health plan contracts – especially in a value-based market. His solution was to document your program’s clinical outcomes and financial impact – and then be assertive about proposing those models to health plans (see Have ‘The Best’ Services, But No Health Plan Contracts?). I agree with Paul’s recommendations – but for organizations operating within a payer landscape that hasn’t yet made the move to pay-for-value, this can be a challenge. My recommendation (and the path that my organization, Grafton Integrated Health Network, has pursued) is to build a strategy for defining your own value by looking at what success means to your organization and the consumers you serve. First,...

State Medicaid Behavioral Health Carve-Outs: The OPEN MINDS 2017 Annual Update

Market Intell Report | January 16 2017
Carve-outs are Medicaid managed care financing models where some portion of Medicaid benefits—dental services, pharmacy services, behavioral health services, etc.—are separately managed and/or financed. In Medicaid behavioral health financing arrangements, there are five main models that states use to finance behavioral health benefits. Each of these models fall into the three categories: The traditional specialty carve-out, the carve-in (no...

Foster Care Entries Due To Parental Substance Abuse Rise 19% Since 2009

News Report | January 15 2017
The proportion of U.S. children entering foster care due to parental alcohol or drug use increased by about 19% between 2009 and 2015. In 2009, parental substance use was a factor in foster care entry for 29.4% of the 255,418 children who entered care that year. The proportion rose each year, reaching a high in 2014, when parental substance...

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