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Welcome to the OPEN MINDS Circle library! For over 30 years, our team has covered the news, trends, metrics, regulatory changes, and thought leaders shaping the sectors of the health and human service field that affect consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. This is your gateway to this $860 billion market — all the information your team needs to stay on top of the market, make strategic decisions, and manage highly effective organizations.

Executive Briefing

Sharpen Your Strategy: 5 Big Market Developments

By Monica E. Oss

A few months can make a big difference in strategy for health and human service organizations, which is why nimble is the new (must have) competency for executive teams. Changes in the payer landscape, evolution of health plan policies and practices, and new competitive factors in service delivery make strategy adjustments inevitable. Each quarter, our team looks at recent developments with an eye on strategy—which developments should executive teams keep top of mind when adjusting their strategic plans and approaches. We highlighted the most important strategic developments and their implications for strategy in our recent elite member webinar OPEN MINDS Big 5 Briefing—Developments Of The Past 90 Days That Could Reshape Your Strategy. Our picks? Expansion of retail and in-home primary care, bold new...

As payers and insurers move towards value-based reimbursement, the alignment of different health care services becomes increasingly important. Without the alignment of physical health, behavioral health, and pharmacy, it becomes nearly impossible to have a value-based arrangement that considers total cost of care. States can align all physical health, behavioral health, and pharmacy; physical and behavioral health; physical health...
On November 5, 2019, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) selected Aetna Better Health as the Medicaid managed care organization (MCO) for a 3.5-year contract valued at $200 million. Aetna will provide a statewide specialized managed care program that includes physical and behavioral health for children and youth in adoption and foster care placement, and...

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