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OPEN MINDS executive workshops are intensive, one-day educational experiences focused on the management best practices health and human service organizations need to operate successfully in today's changing market. Paired with our highly regarded annual institutes, OPEN MINDS executive development workshops give attendees the opportunity to discuss specific management issues with OPEN MINDS experienced Senior Associates.

The OPEN MINDS Marketing & Business Development Planning Summit

June 5, 2017

Understanding the market is one thing and knowing what to do to respond to the market is another. As competition for contracts, referrals, revenue, and donations heats up, organizations in the field need well-developed marketing plans. But marketing to consumers and referral sources requires new skills and competencies for many health and human service organizations. Join this session for a look at best practices in building your organization’s marketing plan, including how to align your marketing plan with your strategic plan, how to structure a “winning” marketing plan, and the importance of metrics and data to marketing planning.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The OPEN MINDS Online Marketing Summit

June 8, 2017

Developing the essential elements for an online marketing strategy in today’s health and human service field has gone from “cutting edge” to “essential.” Why? In the age of the internet, web-based channels are the easiest and most effective way to communicate with donors, payers, referral sources, consumers, potential employees, and community stakeholders. For most organizations, this means “best practice” use of both your website and social media. But for many executive teams in today’s marketplace, the “online” portion of marketing is minimized (or non-existent). If your organization falls in this group, it means you practically don’t exist on the world’s most commonly used channels for finding health care information. And if your organization does not exist (or has a minimal presence) in these key online channels, you’re consistently missing out on revenue-generating opportunities. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to develop a fully fledged and…

New Orleans, Louisiana

Marketing To Payers: A Guide To Building Relationships & Finding New Opportunities With Health Plans & ACOs

August 15, 2017

For executives of provider organizations, strategically navigating relationships with payers is increasingly complex. New integrated care management models, in combination with a push towards value-based care, is changing the way provider organizations work with payers – moving from a “vendor” relationship to a “partner” relationship. In this workshop, we will discuss the market push towards integrated care management and integrated service delivery, and review how provider organizations can develop successful partnerships with payers in an integration-focused market.

Long Beach, California

The Future Of Integrated Care Delivery For Complex Consumers: An Executive Guide To Integration With Primary Care

August 18, 2017

Behavioral health organizations across the country are developing a number of initiatives to better meet the needs of clients via the integration of primary and behavioral health care. However, in an era when everyone in health care is talking about integration, few organizations have been able to master the process. In this workshop, we will review several organizations’ paths to integration, the service delivery models they have created, how they work with payers under their models, and their advice for other provider organizations considering how to expand their practices into primary care.

Long Beach, California

Addressing The Challenges Of The Complex Consumer Market: A Market Intelligence Update

September 25, 2017

There is certainly a lot of uncertainty in the health and human service world these days. The new Trump Administration, the future of Medicaid expansion, what happens to parity, and the possibility of more state control of Medicaid and human service funding are all factors shaping the market. Fortunately, in this changing market, there are a lot of opportunities for provider organizations to consider. Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this strategic puzzle – organizational competencies, the payer landscape in the service area, competitive program offerings, and organizational assets (both human and financial) are part of this complex equation. The place to start is by understanding your environment, your payers, and your consumers. This can’t-miss session is designed to do just that – OPEN MINDS CEO Monica E. Oss will discuss the national and local trends that are shaping the market for organizations serving complex consumers, her predictions for… Read more »

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Reinventing Your Organization In A Complex Market: How To Build A Sustainable Strategy

September 29, 2017

Even before the 2016 presidential election, executives in the health and human service field had to face their fair share of uncertainty. This led many executive teams I know to either avoid or reluctantly initiate any major strategic initiatives that require long-term commitments. Unfortunately, “waiting for the dust to settle,” so to speak, isn’t a wise management choice. Regardless of the specifics of what lies ahead in the market, there are future developments that are likely and need to be addressed in the planning process. A successful strategic planning process will provide your organization with a roadmap – not only for developing plans in uncertain times, but also for putting those plans into action and evaluating their success. In this crucial seminar, we will discuss best practices in strategic plan development and the keys to success in strategic plan implementation.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania



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