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For more than twenty years, we have been strengthening leadership capacity for individuals and organizations in the health and human service field. Now, we are combining the best of our expertise with the convenience of web-based learning, in our OPEN MINDS Executive Web Briefing Series. These 60-90 minute online presentations, often referred to as 'webinars', provide unique market insights, peer case studies, and proven management best practices without the costs of hotels and travel.

Leveraging Technology To Support Your Population Health Management Strategy

November 1, 2017

On Wednesday, November 1st at 2:00pm ET, join Joe Parks, Medical Director, National Council for Behavioral Health and Larry Seltzer, General Manager and Senior Director for CareManager at Netsmart for this executive web briefing where you will learn the tools needed to manage population health, as well as strategies you can adopt to prepare your organization for value-based care.

  • Joe Parks, M.D., Medical Director, National Council for Behavioral Health
  • Larry Seltzer, General Manager & Senior Director for CareManager, Netsmart

100,000 Visits Later: Lessons On Building Sustainable Telepsychiatry Programs

November 2, 2017

Join Samir Malek, CEO, Genoa Telepsychiatry, to learn which states have the highest potential for telepsychiatry services, enabling individuals operating in a single state to understand the specifics of their state’s reimbursement opportunities, and individuals who are part of multi-state organizations to be able to develop a coherent roll-out strategy for telepsychiatry across multiple states based on the factors that are most important to them.

  • Samir Malik, General Manager, Genoa Telepsychiatry

Collaboration, Connectivity & Complexity: Building A New Leadership Framework For A Value-Based Market

December 20, 2017

On Wednesday, December 20th at 1:00pm ET, join Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS, to review the key market disruptors that executive teams need to keep an eye on – and discuss how to build a leadership team that is positioned to manage complexity, foster innovation, build new connections in a value-based market.

  • Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS

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