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The OPEN MINDS Government RFP & Contract Database

The market intelligence your team needs to track opportunities and awards, monitor your competition, and succeed in the growing government health and human service market

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Search through 80,000+ RFPs, contract award announcements, and winning proposal documents in our new online database portal. Filter by market, region, and more to find exactly what you're looking for. 

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The OPEN MINDS team adds new winning proposals to the Government RFP & Contracts Database every day. If you are a subscriber, our team can request any specific proposal for you. Click here to make your request! Or feel free to call our government contracting analysts at 877-350-6463 or 717-334-1329.


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The Government RFP & Contracts Database contains thousands of RFPs, award announcements, and winning proposals. If you are a subscriber and need help locating more specific information within the RFP or Contract Awards databases, the OPEN MINDS team can assist you personally. Contact us with your questions today!


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With thousands of RFPs, award announcements, and winning proposals, the Government RFP & Contracts Database has all the market and competitor information your team needs. If you are a subscriber and have special requests, or need a downloadable spreadsheet with information, the OPEN MINDS team would be happy to help you.


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