Social Services

The social service market is defined as supports and services related to the social determinants of health such as poverty, food insecurity, lack of education, racism, discrimination, environment, and community conditions. Addressing social determinants of health has become a common strategic conversation in a market focused on whole person care and the value equation. Payers and health plans are taking a more structured approach to addressing social support needs and this opens new possibilities for managers of organizations that provide social support programs that have typically been excluded from health care financing arrangements.

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Federal Mandatory Spending For Means-Tested Safety Net Programs Estimated To Increase 57% Over Next Decade

Federal mandatory spending for means-tested safety net programs is estimated to increase approximately 57.1% by 2028. Federal mandatory spending for means-tested programs and tax credits that provide cash payments or other assistance to people with relatively low income or few assets is estimated at $700 billion ($0.7 trillion) in 2018. Among the mandatory programs, the largest… Read

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