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Published in July 2018, this highly-detailed report provides market intelligence on the Wyoming health system to inform a strategic plan, talk to Wyoming stakeholders, and analyze the market for new opportunities.

The Wyoming Health System Landscape: An OPEN MINDS State Profile contains the following information:

  1. Population Demographics – Key information on state population size, income distribution, race, and age.
  2. Population Centers – Visual illustration of all metropolitan statistical areas in the state, their population, and the percent of the population that lives in rural versus urban areas.
  3. Health Care Coverage Map – A chart illustrating Wyoming’s health care coverage breakdown and the largest plans by payer.
  4. Population Distribution By Payer – Provides the percent of the Wyoming population enrolled in each payer—Medicare, Medicaid, Dual Eligibles, Commercial, TRICARE—as well as the percent of the population that is uninsured.
  5. Largest Health Plans – A list of the ten largest health insurers in Wyoming across all payers—Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and TRICARE.
  6. State Medicaid Expansion Decision ­– Critical information on the state expansion of Medicaid to individuals with income below 138% of the federal poverty level including when the state expanded, legislation used to expand, and the number of individuals newly eligible for Medicaid.
  7. Health Insurance Marketplace ­– Key data on whether the individual marketplace is state- or federal-run and whether there is a small business health insurance marketplace. Also contains a list of insurers currently offering plans to individuals and small businesses.
  8. Safety-Net Delivery System – Who is delivering physical health, mental health, and addiction treatment services to the uninsured and underinsured populations.

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