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Chronic conditions are generally defined as medical conditions that cause reoccurring health problems and last for either months or years. In 2013, chronic conditions cost approximately $623.8 billion – this is an 88% increase since 2002, when chronic conditions cost approximately $331.9 billion. However, the relative cost of chronic conditions has not changed significantly. In 2013, chronic conditions accounted for 45% of the $1.4 trillion in total health care expenditures in the U.S. In 2002, chronic conditions accounted for 41% of the total $810.7 billion in health care expenditures in the U.S.

This report answers a number of questions including:

  1. What Is A Chronic Condition?
  2. What Chronic Conditions Result In The Highest Overall Spending?
  3. What Chronic Conditions Result In The Most Spending Per Person?
  4. What Is The Cost Of Multiple Chronic Conditions?

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