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In 2016 Collaborative Health Systems operated nineteen ACOs which had enrollment in Medicare and Commercial markets. In comparison to all other ACOs in the U.S., Collaborative Health Systems had approximately 0.98% of the market share by total enrollment.


The OPEN MINDS ACO Parent/ MSO Portfolio for 2016 on Collaborative Health Systems includes an infographic display (.jpeg) and map of Collaborative Health Systems coverage in the U.S. The infographic breaks down Collaborative Health Systems enrollment by plan type (Medicare, Medicaid, or Commercial) and details Collaborative Health Systems total market share and ranking among the Top 10 ACO Parent/ MSOs in the U.S.

The ACO Parent/ MSO Portfolio also includes a dataset (.xlsx) with contact information for each of Collaborative Health Systems ACOs. The dataset includes the estimated total enrollment among Collaborative Health Systems by payer type (Medicare, Medicaid, or Commercial).

Upon purchase, a spreadsheet (.xlsx) will be available in your account for download which includes the full Collaborative Health Systems Parent/ MSO Portfolio with the infographic and dataset.

Collaborative Health Systems operated under these legal entities:

  • Accountable Care Coalition of Central Georgia LLC
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Chesapeake, LLC
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Coastal Georgia
  • Accountable Care Coalition of DeKalb
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Georgia
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Mississippi
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Mount Kisco, LLC
  • Accountable Care Coalition of North Texas, LLC
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Northwest Florida, LLC
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Southeast Texas, Inc
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin, LLC
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Syracuse
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Texas, Inc
  • Accountable Care Coalition of the Tri-Counties
  • Accountable Care Coalition of Western Georgia
  • Chrysalis Medical Services, LLC
  • Essential Care Partners, LLC
  • Maine Community Accountable Care Organization
  • Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care

For more information on Collaborative Health Systems, visit their websiteFor more information on Medicaid, Medicare, and State-specific data, visit our Shop.

Terms of Use: The dataset may be incorporated into internal business systems and may be perpetually retained and used in internal business systems after purchase without any further payments to OPEN MINDS. The infographic may be reprinted by the purchaser in print or online format in its entirety with OPEN MINDS’ permission and with OPEN MINDS copyright intact. OPEN MINDS represents and warrants that it has all necessary legal rights to offer the information provided in the dataset, and that it has complied with all laws and regulations in the collection and storage of such information.

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