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The OPEN MINDS Government RFP & Contract Database

The market intelligence your team needs to track opportunities and awards, monitor your competition, and succeed in the growing government health and human service market.

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The only service tracking government health and human service opportunities from RFP announcement to contract award.

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$30 BILLION+ Of Potential Revenue Each Year
1,000+ New RFPs & Bidding Opportunities Each Month

Are you tracking these government health and human service opportunities?

Let the OPEN MINDS team do this work for you. We’ll provide the critical information you need to secure your share of the 15,000+ federal, state, and local contract opportunities awarded each year.

How? OPEN MINDS’ dedicated research team scours the request-for-proposal announcements released by every federal, state, and local unit of government that purchases health and human services (or the related technology, staffing services, consultation, and education services). Each identified opportunity is then tracked in our proprietary database throughout the entire procurement process. Subscribe to our service and you will…

Unlike other services, our work doesn’t stop there. After the bidding on the opportunity closes, we track all the award details. This gives our subscribers the ‘next-level’ information they need to gain a competitive advantage in their market. How does this work?

Find new opportunities first

Keep track of the competition

Gain Competitive Advantage

Covering all the health and human service markets serving complex consumers

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Behavioral Health, Social Work, Aftercare, Substance Abuse treatment, Drug Testing, Mental Health Counseling, Therapies, Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Managed Behavioral Health Programs, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Wellness, and Work/Life Programs.

Children & Family Services

Child Welfare, Child Abuse and Protection Services, Foster Care, Adoption, and Orphanage Services, Juvenile Justice, Adolescent Delinquency, Domestic Violence, Marriage and Family Services, Early Childhood, Head Start Services, Day Care, and After School Care Services.

Disability Support & Long-Term Care

Intellectual and developmental disability services, senior support and elder care services, residential and supportive living services, special education, Alzheimer’s, dementia, blindness, and deafness.

Human & Social Services

Human Services, Housing Assistance, Community Development Block Grants, Employment Services, Workforce Development, Immigration and Refugee, Corrections, Probation, and Parole Services, AIDS/HIV, and Language Services.

General Health & Medical Services

Primary Care, Information Technology, Community Health, Immunization and Vaccination Services, Oral Hygiene, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pharmacy and Prescription Services, Laboratory and Radiology Services, Benefit Management, Medical Records and Billing Services, Health Insurance.

Two comprehensive databases – one easy-to-use online interface

RFP & Bid Announcement Database

Every day, the OPEN MINDS team adds the latest RFPs released by federal, state, and local governments to the database. Each RFP announcement includes a summary of the services requested, important dates along the contracting process, contact information, and, when available, the original RFP.

Subscriber organizations can save time and resources by utilizing this comprehensive database to find new opportunities as soon as they are released. This information also provides valuable information about both the current and future of the market in your area.

Awarded Contract & Winning Proposal Database

After contracts have been awarded through the competitive procurement process, the OPEN MINDS team conducts independent research to track down the contract winners, the terms of the contract (including the defined services and the contract value), and information on the other bidders. Utilizing this information, subscriber organizations can track who won each contract in their market and gather data about the value of those contracts. Additionally, the data can be used to determine when contracts will likely come out for bid again, allowing subscribers to be prepared and determine a winning strategy in advance.

To provide our subscribers with the most information possible on recent contract awards, the OPEN MINDS research team uses the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to retrieve copies of all available winning proposal documents.

Get the strategic edge you need in today’s competitive marketplace

Our team uses the RFP Alerts every day – it’s the only place to find all the latest procurements specifically related to our industry, without the hassle of sorting through unrelated content

-Director Of Business Development

The winning proposal documents are the best resources we’ve found to help us with our own proposals. It gives us the opportunity to review how other organizations won past contracts in our area, and the chance to see how others have won contracts for similar services in different areas of the country.

-Chief Executive Officer

The contract awards service is invaluable! It lets us see who has won all the contracts in our market, so not only do we know who won, but also what they’re getting paid.

-Executive Director

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State Profile Table Of Contents

1. Mental Health System Overview

The definitive overview of your state’s payers and consumer base – including specific callouts for the population with serious mental illness (SMI).

2. Medicaid System Overview

A detailed outline of the state’s Medicaid system and programs – including a comprehensive analysis of the behavioral health system.

3. Dual Eligible Financing & Service Delivery System

An overview of the state’s system for the population dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, with a careful analysis of the current system and any plans for new initiatives or dual demonstration programs.

4. Mental Health System Details

A summary of the state’s system for serving the mental health and addiction population, with a close look at the leaders in the state system.

5. Mental Health Stakeholder Organizations

A summary of the leading organizations operating in the state, by revenue and/or enrollment, including provider organizations, advocacy organizations, and accountable care organizations (ACOs) – from OPEN MINDS custom databases and market research.

6. Health Care Reform Initiatives

A summary of how the state has decided to implement the most important aspects of the health care reform legislation over the past five years.

7. Appendices

An easy-to-understand guide for interpreting the state profile data – including an explanation for OPEN MINDS analysis and calculations, a glossy of terms with clear definitions of the terms used throughout the profile, and a detailed list of sources for element of data included in the profile.

  1. OPEN MINDS Estimates For The Share Of SMI Consumers By Payer/Plan
  2. Glossary Of Terms
  3. Sources

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