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Gettysburg, Pa. (October 7, 2018) —  Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS, delivered the presentation, The Future Mental Health Care Landscape & Its Likely Effect On Veterans & Families, at the 3rd Annual Cohen Veterans Care Summit, October 10-11, 2018. This two-day executive-level conference was held at the Ronald Reagan Building, in Washington, DC.

In her presentation Ms. Oss discussed the change drivers shaping the mental health market and looked ahead to examine what the future  service delivery landscape will look like for the complex consumer population. The presentation explored the four factors  shaping care delivery for consumers with complex needs and the intervening variables that could change the trajectory of the health care landscape. A free summary of the presentation is available in the executive briefing, What Will Mental Health Treatment Look Like In The Years Ahead? A full copy of the presentation, The Future Mental Health Care Landscape & Its Likely Effect On Veterans & Families, is available online for all premium and Elite OPEN MINDS Circle members.

“I was thrilled to take part in this year’s Cohen Veterans Care Summit,” said Ms. Oss. “My goal was to answer the key question all health care executives are asking themselves: ‘What will mental health treatment look like from the consumer perspective in the years ahead?’ While there is no certainty in forecasting the future of treatment, I think the present provides some clues to what we are likely to see ahead. Understanding the future scenarios will give payers and provider organizations the opportunity to build a organizational strategy for sustainability in the changing market.

More information about the summit is available online at

Monica E. Oss, M.S. is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of OPEN MINDS. For the past three decades, Ms. Oss has led the OPEN MINDS team and its award-winning national consulting practice specializing in the health and human service industry sectors serving complex consumers. Ms. Oss is well known for her numerous books and articles focused on the strategic implications of the evolving health and human service field. She is regarded as a leading voice and an outspoken pioneer for change – helping organizations nationwide develop and implement the transformational strategies and models for improved outcomes. Ms. Oss is a frequent keynote speaker at national events and has been published in a wide range of professional journals and trade publications. She has provided Congressional and state legislative testimony on issues as diverse as the financial impact of parity and payer medication access policies.

About Cohen Veterans Network, Inc.

The Cohen Veterans Network is located in Stamford, Connecticut. Cohen Veterans Network is a not-for-profit philanthropic organization created to serve veterans by providing high-quality, accessible, and integrated mental health care performed through client-centered, customized outpatient care. To learn more about Cohen Veterans Network, Inc. visit them at


OPEN MINDS is a national market intelligence and strategic advisory firm focused on the sectors of the health and human service field serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. Founded in 1987 and based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 175+ associates provide market insights and innovative management solutions designed to improve operational and strategic performance. Learn more at

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