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Gettysburg, Pa. (November 4, 2018) – OPEN MINDS announced the release of a new market intelligence reports – profiles of every state’s health care financing and service delivery system. These 51 state-by-state guides provide a detailed ‘deep dive’ into each state’s largest health plans, Medicaid expansion policy, health insurance marketplace plans, demographics, population health insurance coverage by payer, and more.

“The U.S. health care market varies widely by state. We built these market intelligence profiles to inform the strategy of any organization doing business in the health care sector in a particular state,” said Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer of OPEN MINDS. “In one profile, our market intelligence team has compiled the information needed to understand the state health care landscape – and the key players in that state market.”

Each state profile is organized to give instant access to essential state system characteristics and to allow for rapid cross-state comparison. All profiles include the following information:

  1. Population Demographics – Key information on state population size, income distribution, race, and age.
  2. Population Centers – Map of all metropolitan statistical areas in the state, their population, and the percent of the population that lives in rural versus urban areas.
  3. Health Care Coverage Map – A visual illustration of each state’s health care coverage breakdown and the largest plans.
  4. Population Distribution By Payer – Provides the percent of the state population enrolled in each payer—Medicare, Medicaid, Dual Eligibles, Commercial, TRICARE—as well as the percent of the population that is uninsured.
  5. Largest Health Plans – Identification of the ten largest health insurers in the state across all payers—Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and TRICARE—and their enrollment.
  6. State Medicaid Expansion Decision ­– Information on the state expansion of Medicaid. If the state is a Medicaid expansion state, information includes when the state expanded, legislation used to expand, and the number of individuals newly eligible for Medicaid.
  7. Health Insurance Marketplace ­– A list of health plans available to individuals and small businesses on the health insurance market place. Also includes information on whether the individual marketplace is state- or federal-run and if there is a small business health insurance marketplace.
  8. Safety-Net Delivery System – Identifies the state agency responsible for financing physical health, mental health, and addiction treatment services to the uninsured and underinsured populations. Also identifies whether the state has a specific network of organizations who are responsible for administering or delivering safety-net benefits.

All 51 Health Care System Landscape Profiles are available as part of an OPEN MINDS Circle Elite membership, and are available for purchase in the OPEN MINDS shop for $1,500 each. OPEN MINDS Circle Elite membership includes unlimited organizational access to all OPEN MINDS content and databases, plus executive education events, and other exclusive Elite member benefits for $834/month or $10,000/year.

As part of the state financing and service delivery system profile series, the following are also available now to all OPEN MINDS Circle Elite members and for sale in the OPEN MINDS shop:

  • OPEN MINDS Behavioral Health System State Profiles, which provide 70+ pages of analysis on each state’s Medicaid and safety net systems with a deep dive into the behavioral health system.
  • OPEN MINDS Medicaid/Medicare Dual Eligible System Profiles, which provides an overview of each state’s dual eligible financing system, as well as the largest Medicare health plans serving dual eligibles and details on new initiatives involving the dual eligible population.

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For additional questions and inquiries, please contact Sarah C. Threnhauser, Executive Vice President, OPEN MINDS at 717-334-1329 or


OPEN MINDS is a national market intelligence and strategic advisory firm focused on the sectors of the health and human service field serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. Founded in 1987 and based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 175+ associates provide market insights and innovative management solutions designed to improve operational and strategic performance. Learn more at

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