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Gettysburg, Pa. (March 17, 2019)  The value of talent and retention being part of your strategic plan was the focus of the February 2019 edition of the OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter: The Workforce Challenge Edition: Overcoming The Obstacles To Executing A Successful Strategy. The strategic goal for every organization is to bring maximum value (the performance-to-cost ratio) for their investment in human capital. This issue is focused on how to achieve that maximum value through improving productivity, having each team member operate at the top of their capabilities (and top of their license if they are clinical), and using technology as a substitute or enhancement of human labor.

“This is a projected shortage for every type of labor in the health and human services field-there are too few psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, direct support professionals and home care workers. Management teams should be considering how to leverage technology to make their workforce more effective and efficient,” said Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer of OPEN MINDS. In this issue of OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter, we’ve provided an overview of why people management needs to be an integral component of a firm’s strategic plan.”

Ms. Oss headlines the issues with her article, Building A Better Workforce: Talent Management Strategies For Recruitment, Retention, Burnout & Technology, which looks at the operational challenges to building a high-performing workforce, including how to recruit great staff, how to prevent burnout and keep those great staff, and how to help the workforce embrace new technology.

The edition also includes advice on these challenges from key executives and thought leaders in the field in What is the Solution for ‘Burnout’? Advice From The Field, Building A Better Workforce:Talent Management Strategies For Recruitment, What Should Your Approach Be To Retaining Great Team Members?. The edition covers key elements of workforce management in Health Care Professional Compensation-The Current Statistics and Technology As A Workforce Solution. The OPEN MINDS team also provides information related to the national impact of the shortage of psychiatrists –  The U.S. Psychiatrists Market – A Look At The Numbers.

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