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The OPEN MINDS Circle helps over 150,000 executives make better business decisions every day. Does your health and human service organization finance, manage, or deliver services for consumers with complex support needs? If so, join today. It's free to start.

OPEN MINDS is the leading strategic advisory firm for health and human service executives in organizations that finance, manage, or provide services to consumers with complex support needs.

For three decades, our service and expertise has focused on the sectors of the field responsible for the largest total annual spend – nine markets that serve and support complex consumers. We have developed the world’s largest proprietary collection of strategic market and management information on these critical markets.  

Access to this information is only available through The OPEN MINDS Circle market intelligence service. What makes this award-winning service so unique is that it goes beyond traditional market research. By leveraging our team's deep expertise, we're also able to provide next-level analysis and insights on market data. Then, based on our team's demonstrated experience, we take these insights and add the practical application tips that provide the roadmap to business success.

  • Mental Health Services
  • •   Addicition Treatment
  • •   Social Services
  • •   Chronic Care Management
  • •   Intellectual & Developmental Disab ility Supports
  • •   Disability Supports & Longer-Term Care
  • •   Adult Correction Health Care
  • •   Juvenile Justice

Three Essential Ingredients For Organizational Performance: One Source

For health and human service organizations, outcomes are everything.

Why? Payers and consumers are increasingly focused on the value of the services provided – with value defined as consumer outcomes versus cost. This development has made clinical outcomes a critical part of any organization’s competitive value equation.

At OPEN MINDS, we believe the path to better consumer outcomes starts with better business performance – and optimal "business outcomes" allow more time, money, and resources to be focused on serving consumers.

The OPEN MINDS Circle provides our subscribers with the three key elements in achieving organizational performance:

1. Up-to-the-minute market intelligence
2. Analysis from industry-specific experts
3. Advice from experienced executives

1. Up-to-the-minute market intelligence

Quality information is the fuel that powers quality decisionmaking. At OPEN MINDS, we have dedicated a robust team of research analysts to continuously tracking all the developments, policy changes, and stakeholder information shaping the field. This market intelligence serves as the groundwork of everything we produce for our subscribers.

2. Analysis from industry-specific experts

By leveraging the unique expertise and experience of our team of 100+ senior advisors and state-specific subject matter experts, we take each piece of market intelligence, extract the important details, and add the insights and analysis that helps our subscribers to understand how this information will affect their organization and strategy.

3. Advice from experienced executives

The OPEN MINDS Circle provides the practical management applications and best practice models that help organizations understand how to apply information to organizational strategy, allowing them to capitalize on new information (and opportunities) quickly and efficiently.

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Four Membership Levels

Free Standard Premium Elite
Expert analysis on the market and management developments in the complex consumer space
Articles, white papers, reports, and resources published from OPEN MINDS partners in the field
Daily summaries of the latest industry news, announcements, and market intel -
In-depth analysis of the field’s latest management best practices and strategic business models -
In-depth market research reports on the complex consumer markets - -
Daily updates (and historical database) of all government-issued health and human service RFPs - -
Weekly reporting (and historical database) of contracts awarded for government-issued health and human service RFPs - -
Searchable library of winning proposal documents – and a winning proposal FOIA request service - -
Unlimited access to OPEN MINDS topical and resource libraries containing over 100,000 curated research reports, white papers, reference documents, slide decks, and more - -
Access to the past 15 years of all presentations from OPEN MINDS executive events - -
Passes to OPEN MINDS executive institutes and educational events - - -
Exclusive quarterly industry trends web briefing by OPEN MINDS senior executives - - -
Customized, curated webpage designed specifically for your organization - - -
In-depth market profiles of each state's behavioral health system - - -
Databases of organizations in the health and human service field (both payer and provider) with c-level contact information, organizational demographics, and more - - - Add-on
On-demand technical assistance and market research services from OPEN MINDS senior advisors and research analysts - - - Add-on
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