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A White Paper Available Free Of Charge Courtesy Of TenEleven Group

About This White Paper:

It seems like a simple question until you think about what the answer is. Is it the clinician with the most successful discharges? How about the one who treats the most difficult cases? There are so many different ways you can approach the question.

But behind this simple question are deeper insights into how your organization measures and monitors your clinical activities.


In this white paper you will read the story of a CEO who was ready with a name to answer the question, but after a session of discovery data mining learned that his notion was wrong, and so much more.

In this paper you will find:

  1. The Story of “Who’s your best clinician?” (with visuals)
  2. Five techniques for discovery data mining (with visual examples)

Discovery data mining is the process of analyzing data to discover new insights. When you are unsure of what reports you should be running and what data you should be collecting, discovery data mining is the exercise that will get you started.

Find out if your organization is ready to dig into your data!


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 This white paper has been provided to OPEN MINDS readers free of charge by TenEleven Group.


TenEleven is a software and services company providing solutions for health and human services agencies. Thousands of users in hundreds of offices use electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) to manage a variety of behavioral health service types. Learn more about TenEleven including the Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care at



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