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An eBook Available Free Of Charge Courtesy Of TenEleven Group

Watch this 68-second video for a better understanding of the eBook Creators & Consumers: Unlocking the Yin & Yang of Behavioral Health Analytics

Stop struggling with outcomes analytics – Adopt this model today

In your agency, you have report creators and report consumers, and you need both to create data visuals that will help you succeed in the new era of value-based payments. A cohesive report creator and report consumer team will look through the data captured by your EHR, and create visuals that will demonstrate the work your agency is doing – and help you get paid for it.

Not sure who your creators and consumers are? TenEleven will help you out.

The eBook, Unlocking Creators & Consumers: The Yin & Yang Of Behavioral Health Analytics will answer the following questions:

  • Who are report creators and report consumers?
  • Why does your agency need both creators and consumers?
  • What can creators and consumers create when they work together?

And to help you understand, you can follow along with the sample work session based on a real-life scenario where a consumer and creator worked together to create a customized PHQ-9 Outcomes Report for clinical staff!

You don’t want to be the last one entering value-based payments and not have quality analytics. And once you understand the creator and consumer relationship, you won’t be.

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TenEleven Group is a software and services company, focused on providing solutions for health and human services agencies to manage their end to end business process from intake to outcomes. Our commitment to our customer is to provide the guidance and technology support necessary to thrive in a performance based payment system. Thousands of users in hundreds of offices use electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) to manage a variety of behavioral health service types from Inpatient, to Outpatient, to Home and Community Based Services, and more. To learn more about TenEleven including the new Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care, visit:

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