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What is the importance of consumer engagement for value-based arrangements?

The evolution of reimbursement in the health and human services field is driving substantial changes to how consumers receive treatment and how they engage in their own wellness and disease management. Moving from paying for volume to paying for value is a simple phrase, but behind it are host of changes for the organizations that finance and deliver services – changes in financial management systems, population management approaches, and service system integration.

One of the most significant changes is the need to shift the role of the consumer from a passive participant in their care to an active one. An engaged consumer is a healthier and happier consumer, and uses fewer unnecessary system resources. This white paper examines how organizations can increase consumer engagement affordably and effectively.

By defining value in the new health and human service landscape; outlining the consumer engagement and value connection; explaining how digital technologies make consumer engagement more affordable; and providing a case study example, this white paper will provide organizations with the information and tools they need to enable success in value-based arrangements and increase consumer engagement.

Download this white paper to learn how to succeed in a health and human services field focused on value, by expanding the active role of the consumer.

About Mozzaz

Mozzaz is a digital health company specializing in patient engagement technology for individuals with complex care needs and the care teams that support them. With a versatile mobile intervention model, Mozzaz can support patient engagement programs for a wide range services including disabilities, behavioral and mental health, and chronic care conditions. Through personalized mobile care plans, Mozzaz can collect data to enable providers and health plans to connect, measure and predict clinical and financial outcomes of quality care keeping patients safe and supported.

This white paper has been provided to OPEN MINDS readers free of charge by Mozzaz.

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