Maximizing Your Medicaid Billing & Collections – Improved Processes for Both Fee-for-Service & Managed Care

Industry Resource

March 12-13, 2009

In today’s behavioral health and social service market, most provider organizations are struggling with both how to decrease expenses and to increase the financial resources that are available for program development and service delivery. One often overlooked solution is to improve the collection rate for the services that are rendered. It is not uncommon for organizations in the field to have collection rates of only 80%, meaning that an organization with $1 million in annual revenues is losing $200,000 to bad debt expenses. Even a small improvement in collections can have a positive financial impact.

Presenting at The 2009 Best Management Practices Institute, Joseph F. Rutherford, M.B.A., Senior Consultant, OPEN MINDS, teaches better accounts receivable practices by learning the key elements of successful collection.


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