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This letter was sent on February 27, 2018, from a coalition of Oregon juvenile justice stakeholders to the state’s legislature. The letter asks for the legislature’s support in developing standards and oversight for juvenile detention facilities, including:

  1. Risk assessment screening to determine the least restrictive placement for each youth;
  2. Access to an independent entity charged with investigating complaints of abuse or neglect;
  3. Access to visitation and community integration to the greatest extent possible;
  4. Appropriate, evidence-based services, treatment, and healthcare;
  5. Culturally competent staff and culture within the facility;
  6. A full day of education five days per week that meets the needs of kids with disabilities or limited English proficiency;
  7. A developmentally appropriate approach to accountability focused on skill-building vs. punishment;
  8. Use of lock-down or isolation only on an emergency basis, when other de-escalation approaches are exhausted; and
  9. Documentation and review whenever a youth is locked down, isolated, or restrained.

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