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By Market Intelligence Team

Is your leadership style a limiting factor for your organization? Do you even know your leadership style?

Malcolm Forbes once said, “No organization can rise above its leaders.” That’s a heavy burden for management teams in general, and CEOs in particular. You might be the limiting factor in your organization’s success. A crucial aspect of successful leadership is the management of people. The way in which employees are led can either be the start of development or the beginning of the demise of any behavioral health or social service organization. Studies show that roughly 70% of work group performance is a direct reflection of a leader’s effort to understand employees and to match a leadership style to employee needs and goals. Unfortunately, too often managers do not realize that different leadership styles are needed in order to effectively manage employees. By understanding how your own leadership style impacts the motivations of employees, either positive or negative, you can learn to drive your behavioral health or social service organization’s climate to be productive and efficient. Read OPEN MINDS executive vice president, John F. Talbot, Ph.D.’s article on the differences between transactional and transformation leadership and how to identify your own leadership style in his article entitled, “Leading in the 21st Century: Changing Your Style to Effectively Manage in Behavioral Health & Social Services.” Dr. Talbot’s article was published in the February 2007 issue of OPEN MINDS, The Behavioral Health & Social Service Industry Analyst and can be downloaded for free for the next 30 days in The OPEN MINDS Circle.

Premium Circle members may also want to download a case study on putting these leadership strategies into action. “Meeting the Current Leadership Challenges in Child Welfare: The DePelchin Case Study,” by guest writer, Curtis Mooney, president and chief executive officer of DePelchin Children’s Center, is located in the OPEN MINDS e-Print Archive for premium members.

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