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By Market Intelligence Team

Senator Joseph Rocks, president and CEO of NHS Human Services, had a vision for improving consumer care. He wanted his organization to implement an electronic health record system, to provide basic, immediate improvement in delivery of services, but he also wanted the system to include tools for long-term, significant improvement of care. To implement this vision, Senator Rocks did not want just a software vendor, but a true information technology partner. With this vision, a three-year plan and partnership was launched between NHS and Netsmart Technologies, to identify the goals, and the tools required to meet the goals. The major goals in the plan included: There are two types of neurotherapy, based on two different treatment models:

  • Construction of a robust hardware infrastructure that could support the NHS objectives and grow as NHS grows.

  • Provide the tools needed by the clinicians that allow them to provide the best consumer care on the lines of operations whether in the office or community.

  • Give the managers the information required to improve productivity, adherence to regulatory requirements, and implement best practice treatment processes.

  • Provide the executives with the tools to monitor, and improve the care provided to the consumers and families, staff and consumer satisfaction, and business operations and the financial health of the company.

Patricia Cusimano, Project Executive, Netsmart Technologies, and Rosemary Guirate, Executive Director of Implementations, NHS, shared the results of their partnership in a presentation at The 2008 Institute for Behavioral Health Informatics. NHS provides services to over 50,000 consumers, across eight states, and covers eight various service lines. The organization has also acquired five companies over the past eight years. Consequently, the size, diversity and acquisitions require a significant hardware infrastructure. NHS and Netsmart developed a clustered configuration to meet the needs of the organization. For the clinical tools, NHS is taking advantage of a number of technologies including: mobile technologies that provide access to the consumer record from anywhere that NHS provides care including community locations and schools; templates that insure compliance with NHS treatment procedures and regulatory requirements; custom data collections screens; “to do” lists triggered by NHS specific rules; and customizable treatment plans which guide clinicians through a best practice planning process. Program managers at NHS are implementing Netsmart application tools such as: a comprehensive chart review option, that is available from all areas of the application; workflow management that provides notification for charting review and approval, co-signatures, etc.; charting associations that link services to progress notes, and progress notes to treatment plans. NHS executive leaders have developed a Global Monitoring Process to actively examine business and service procedures to assure continuous improvement and develop best practice methods. They now have the ability to create forms to electronically collect critical data for review including: outcomes measurements, chart deficiencies, consumer satisfaction survey results, staff utilization, staff satisfaction survey results, incident reports and consumer consent compliance. For more on the NHS and Netsmart partnership, OPEN MINDS Circle members may click here for free access to “The NHS/Netsmart Partnership: The Vision for Improving Consumer Care“, a panel PowerPoint presentation by Patricia Cusimano, Project Executive, Netsmart Technologies and Rosemary Guirate, Executive Director of Implementations, NHS.

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