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By Market Intelligence Team

Monday, March 28, 2011

The other day, we discussed the financial aspects of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), What Organizations Can Make the Financial Cut As ACOs? all members, and some of the considerations that your organizations should look into before becoming involved in an ACO. Today, I want to provide you with some resources that you and your team can use to frame the financial risks as you discuss how an ACOs might fit into your organization’s future.

  1. The Decision Supports Tools Needed To Succeed In Pay-For-Performance Arrangements

  2. The Challenges and Opportunities of Performance-Based Contracting

  3. Ready to Move Beyond Fee-For-Service? all members

  4. Enterprise Risk Management for Social Services: An Indispensable Concept for Your Executive Team  

  5. New Technology Platforms for Supporting Accountable Care Organizations all members

  6. Accountable Care Organizations: What To Do Now? all members

  7. Using Episode-Based Payment to Help Provider Organizations Cross the Bridge From FFS to Accountable Service Delivery  

  8. Medicare “Accountable Care Organizations” Shared Savings Program: New Section 1899 of Title XVIII Preliminary Questions & Answers  

  9. Building a Bridge from Fragmentation to Accountability  

  10. Provider Capitation as the Route to Medical Homes: A CEO’s Perspective on the Potential for Risk Contracts

  11. Setting a Capitation Rate for Crossover Costs in Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care  

  12. Developing a Case Rate for Behavioral Health Services: Making the Numbers Work For You  

  13. Dashboards Key to Success in Pay-for-Performance Contracting  

  14. Increasing Use of the Capitated Model for Dual Eligibles: Cost Savings Estimates & Public Policy Opportunities  

  15. Integrated Care Program Design, Rate Setting, and Risk Adjustment: A Checklist for States  

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