The OPEN MINDS General Manager, Market Intelligence oversees the company’s premier service, the OPEN MINDS Circle Market Intelligence Service. This executive is responsible for the operation and profitability of the service. The position is responsible for revenue targets, marketing, budgets, and production for the company’s highest potential program. The General Manager, Market Intelligence is responsible for ensuring that the team provides the best possible content experience for the company’s audience, as well as optimizing the service as a revenue source for the company. This role calls for a strong blend of strategic thinking and execution in a fast-paced environment—all while remaining laser-focused on results. The General Manager, Market Intelligences focuses on tasks associated with content-related projects, ensuring consistency, quality, future planning, and strategizing for the company’s online content. This executive is a key member of the OPEN MINDS executive team.

The ideal candidate for this role consistently plans ahead, is excellent at multitasking, and maintains structure throughout their work. This position combines the innovativeness of a creative team leader with the practical focus of an editor and operations manager. A successful General Manager, Market Intelligence will have excellent organizational and leadership skills as well as a problem-solving ability.

Responsibilities of the General Manager, Market Intelligence include:

A. Accountable for the operation and profitability of the OPEN MINDS Circle subscription service and web site.
B. Manage the operation and production of OPEN MINDS educational activities – both on-site and virtual.
C. Manage the production cycle for market intelligence service content for subscribers including topic selection, content production, editing, and publication.
D. Manage the subscription sales and renewal process.
E. Analyze subscription service metrics (like types of subscribers, renewal rates, readership stats, and more) and report on the effectiveness of the company’s content to drive future content creation and propose optimizations for current content.
F. Edit content on on-line platforms from various internal and external sources.
G. Maintain a regular content production pipeline of content.
H. Use SEO best practices to drive organic traffic to the Circle subscription web site through the production of new articles and optimization of existing web pages.
I. Work with the business development, consulting, web development, and database teams to ensure that the editorial content is marketed across all applicable channels.
J. Create presentations, pitch ideas, and provide regular status updates to the OPEN MINDS management team.
K. Bring thought leadership—internally and externally—on the health and human service field.
L. Ensure the website meets all global compliance requirements, including data privacy, user accessibility, and other relevant laws and regulations.
M. Lead in content oversight of corporate market survey/market intelligence datasets
N. Manage the 15-person subscription service team.

Company is based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. However, remote candidates with the right experience will be considered. Send your resumes to Katherine Egan Bennett, Senior Associate, at

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