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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), have launched the next phase of Project 2025. Project 2025 is a high-impact, collaborative initiative developed by AFSP, aimed at the organization’s bold goal of reducing the annual suicide rate 20% by 2025. Using a dynamic systems model designed for AFSP by CALIBRE Systems and input from a national advisory council of experts in the field, AFSP has determined three critical areas our country needs to invest in to have the greatest impact for suicide prevention and the potential to save thousands of lives within the next 10 years: firearms and suicide prevention; large healthcare systems; and emergency departments. Based on these findings, AFSP intends to collaborate with other organizations, accrediting bodies and professional associations as well as leaders in other industry sectors, to implement specific strategies for reducing the rate of suicide, and focus its prevention efforts on the kinds of programs, policies and interventions that will save the most lives in the shortest amount of time.

At the National level, if 50% of all individuals who purchase a Firearm are exposed to suicide prevention education (assuming just 20% effectiveness of the education), AFSP expects an estimated 9,500 lives saved through 2025. Secondly, if we do a better job of identifying people who are at risk in Large Healthcare Systems (such as during a primary care visit), provide them with a short-term intervention and include better follow-up care, AFSP expects an estimated 9,200 lives saved through 2025. In the area of large healthcare systems, expanding the use of the Zero Suicide approach also shows promise for reducing suicides among those seen in large healthcare systems. By fully integrating suicide prevention across a healthcare system, patients at risk for suicide would be identified and appropriately cared for without falling through the cracks. Thirdly, if we do a better job of identifying people at risk for suicide (through screening) in emergency departments, and providing them with a short-term intervention like Safety Planning and include better follow-up care, we can expect to save an estimated 1,100 lives through 2025.

This was reported by American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on August 29, 2016.

Contact Information: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 120 Wall Street, 29th Floor, New York, New York 10005; 212-363-3500; Email:; Website:

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