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January 18, 2017 — Executive Web Briefing Exclusively For Members Of The Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services

In a 2014 Harvard Review article authored by Tom Davenport, he says, “No one has the ability to capture and analyze data from the future. However, there is a way to predict the future using data from the past. It’s called predictive analytics, and organizations do it every day!”

Recently, the use of analytics has been expanding throughout the health and human services industry. Organizations are adopting analytics with the goal of gaining knowledge that can be used to make better organizational decisions and improve consumer outcomes. Analytics often involve studying past historical data to research potential trends, to analyze the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tactic or situation.

The use of predictive analytics has been growing in our health and human services field. Software companies have been developing programs that are now being used to predict and identify children at high risk of severe abuse and to reduce child fatalities. Data driven placement assistance for children in foster care can now be purchased to reduce length of stay and likelihood of disruption.

The question of whether child welfare agencies should apply a statistical discipline has sparked a widespread debate. But despite the understandable fears that come with applying an algorithm to the human questions of family or child behavior, evidence is showing that use of predictive analytics is growing and gaining support even within our federal government.

Join OPEN MINDS senior associate, Howard Shiffman, Heartland for Children Chief Quality and Performance Officer, William (Bill) Nunnally, Heartland for Children Director of Information Management, Tonya Lockamy, Florida – Circuit 10 CBC Heartland for Children Data Specialist, Patrick Hollida, and Mindshare Technology CEO and Founder, Greg Povolny on January 18, 2017 at 2:00pm ET for this members-only executive web briefing. This case study-oriented web briefing will showcase how Heartland for Children has used predictive analytics to improve outcomes for children in Florida.


During this 60-minute web briefing, you will:

  • Learn how data is being used to predict behavior and reduce risk in the health and human service industry
  • Discover predictive software currently available for child welfare providers
  • Understand how government is supporting the use of technology to assist in achieving better outcomes
  • Hear an in-depth review of how Heartland for Children is using predictive analytics to enhance the goals of safety, permanency, and well-being

This web briefing is an exclusive event for members of the OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services. If you are not a member and would like more information on the OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services and how to become a member, please contact Wyatt Delaney at OPEN MINDS at

Featured Speakers

Howard Shiffman, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

Mr. Shiffman has over 30 years of successful organizational and business experience in human service fields including expertise in executive management, strategic planning, business development, finance, marketing, market intelligence research, fundraising, and board development. He has hands-on expertise that comes from successful management and consulting with a number of programs. Prior to joining OPEN MINDS Mr. Shiffman served as Chief Executive Officer of Griffith Centers for Children, a COA-accredited, full-service treatment program for severely troubled youth and their families. He also developed one of the first offense-specific sex offender program in the United States.

William (Bill) Nunnally, Chief Quality and Performance Officer, Heartland for Children

Bill Nunnally came to the human services industry in 2001, after a long management career in the Information Systems industry. Beginning as front line staff in residential facilities for children, Bill has also worked as a case manager, a Team Leader, case management unit Supervisor, and a case management Program Director. Bill currently holds the position of Chief Quality and Performance Officer with Heartland for Children, overseeing Contracts, Quality Management, Information Technology and Training. Bill is a graduate of the State University of New York.

Bill has presented at the Kempe Center’s 17th International Conference on Family Group Decision Making in Vail, Colorado, and is a regular presenter at the Florida Department of Children and Families annual Child Protection Summit. Bill regularly presents on Kinship Care and Co-Parenting at conferences across the state and teaches Co-Parenting skills to every prospective foster parent family in Circuit 10.

Tonya Lockamy, Director of Information Management, Heartland for Children

Tonya Lockamy transitioned into a full-time role at Heartland for Children as the Director of Information Management in 2016. Before then, she owned her own IT business for seven years. Her business focused on solving technical challenges for small businesses throughout Florida. Her customers depended on her team to solve a range of technical problems including web development, digital marketing, desktop support and network management. Tonya has an innate ability to find solutions others often miss. She focused on helping her customers identify their key performance indicators and guided their improvement based on these metrics. Tonya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University.

Patrick Hollida, Data Specialist, Florida - Circuite 10 CBC Heartland For Children

Patrick Hollida has been a Data Specialist for the Florida – Circuit 10 CBC Heartland for Children since 2014.  Patrick got his start in New York City as a Project Manager for a leading Prop Stylist.  Moving to Florida in 2010, Patrick began working with an up-and-coming web design company.  Self-taught in front-end web design, Patrick soon found his niche and began working closely with website databases, analytics integration and SEO functionality.  Today, Patrick collaborates with Mindshare and Case Management Organizations capturing and analyzing data sets to ensure all stakeholders are meeting or exceeding their goals. Patrick has been an integral team player in the predictive analytics project from its inception.

Greg Povolny, CEO and Founder, Mindshare Technology

Greg Povolny is the CEO and Founder of Mindshare Technology. During Greg’s tenure at Mindshare Technology, Greg has applied predictive analytics to many levels of Florida’s child welfare system of care. Greg’s efforts have paved the way, enabling agencies to make best use of data intelligence to improve outcomes for children and families. Prior to Mindshare Technology Greg started his career at IBM in Research and Development. After 10 years, Greg started a Tampa Bay based firm that was later acquired by Internet Capital Group (a Safeguard Scientifics company). Subsequently Greg founded Mindshare Technology and his primary focus continues to be the application of new technology in critical areas of social services.

Registration for this executive web briefing is exclusively for members of the OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services.

Unable to attend? Still register! At the conclusion of the event, all registrants will receive a recorded copy of the executive web briefing and presentation slides — regardless of attendance.

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