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February 15, 2017 – Clearwater Beach, Florida
Sponsored by the OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services

Services to vulnerable children across the country are changing rapidly. The shift to a more comprehensive approach to care along with the expectation for cross system integration of physical and behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice services and the increase in performance-based collaborative models of care have changed the way services are delivered to children. Children’s services provider organizations must increase understanding of the issues impacting vulnerable children and how to respond in the new service delivery and funding system.

The OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services Annual Summit is designed to provide executives of children’s services organizations with the tools, knowledge, and insights necessary to thrive in the ever-changing children’s services marketplace and the opportunity to work together to figure out how best to use them. This event will identify the challenges and opportunities faced by children’s services providers and the strategies and changes needed for sustainability in the new marketplace.


8:00-9:00am — Registration

9:00-10:15am — Meeting The Needs Of Vulnerable Children: The Opportunities & Challenges In Today’s Children’s Services
Presented By: Monica Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS
Today’s public systems and provider networks are being challenged to adequately and safely meet the needs of the increasingly complex population of children being served in our child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice systems. With new research supporting the need for new services and ways services are delivered, organizations must be prepared to make big changes in order to ensure long-term sustainability. The changes in funding and service delivery also provide many organizations with new opportunities to increase competitive advantage and support today’s most vulnerable children. Join OPEN MINDS CEO, Monica Oss, to hear perspectives on the current children’s services landscape and strategies to succeed.

10:30-11:45am — Cross System Children: Collaboration Between Child Welfare, Mental Health, & Juvenile Justice Systems To Meet Complex Support Needs
Moderated By: Paul Neitman, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS & OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum Co-Chair
Presented By: Karen Yarberry, Executive Director, Jefferson Hills
Spurred by the concept of integrated health care as an approach to broaden collaboration and comprehensiveness of services, states have begun developing new systems of care that combine child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice services to meet the complex needs of today’s children and families. These new systems of care are being designed to meet the unique needs of children who previously received care through various siloed systems. During this panel session, you will hear and discuss examples of successful cross system models of care – and the challenges and opportunities this poses for organizations providing children’s services.

11:45-1:15pm — Lunch On Your Own

1:30-2:45pm — Value-Based Contracting In Children’s Services: Strategies For Improving Outcomes & Reducing Costs
Moderated By: Howard Shiffman, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS & OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum Co-Chair
Presented By:

  • Nancy Rostoni, State Manager, Performance Based Child Welfare System, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Children’s Services Agency
  • Sarah Fine, Former Director of Clinical Excellence and Director of Community Based Services, Psychological Centers
  • Paul Block, Vice President, Consulting, OPEN MINDS

The shift to value-based contracting is changing the way children’s services are provided and forcing new business models to emerge. These new models of care encourage the use of strategies aimed at improving consumer outcomes while reducing costs. Although this shift has been a challenge and brings up memories of other cost-cutting programs disguised as supposed quality improvement initiatives, many organizations are successfully making the shift and providing services under value-based arrangements. During this panel discussion, the complexities of designing and providing services under these new funding models will be explored, along with the keys to success for organizations providing children’s services.

3:00-4:15pm — Reinventing Your Organization In A Complex Market: Keys To Building A Sustainable, Performance-Driven Organization
Presented By: Howard Shiffman & Paul Neitman, Senior Associates, OPEN MINDS & OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum Co-Chairs
With the children’s services environment rapidly changing, organizations need to evolve and change to keep up with the market. Executive teams and their organizations must be open to making significant changes in response to rapidly changing circumstances to capitalize on the opportunities available. A few key strategies are necessary for organizations to ensure they are both sustainable and performance-driven. To close the day, OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services co-chairs, Howard Shiffman and Paul Neitman, will share tips to prepare your organization for change and lead a discussion on strategies to remain responsive and sustainable, including how we can work together to support each other’s efforts at reinvention.

Seating is limited — so early registration for this event is highly encouraged! Registration for members of the OPEN MINDS Next Generation Forum On Children’s Services is free. Non-members may register for this event for a fee.

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