New Hampshire Behavioral Health System State Profile Report

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Built by OPEN MINDS, the award-winning market intelligence firm that has tracked and analyzed every behavioral health market development for the past 25 years, this highly-detailed report explains how New Hampshire‘s behavioral health system works – and provides all the market data, analysis, and “insider” insights executive teams need to build a successful strategic plan for operating or marketing in the state, including:

  1. Health Care Coverage Map – A chart illustrating New Hampshire’s health care coverage breakdown – by the Medicaid, Medicaid expansion, Medicare, dual eligibles, commercial insurance, and health insurance marketplace populations.
  2. Largest Health Plans By Enrollment – A list of New Hampshire’s largest health plans in operation in the state and a list of the largest health plans by SMI enrollment.
  3. Medicaid System Overview – An easy-to-read snapshot of New Hampshire’s Medicaid finance delivery system and risk-based arrangements.
  4. Medicaid Governance – A chart showing how New Hampshire’s Medicaid system is organized and the key players at the Medicaid department.
  5. Medicaid Financing & Service Delivery – A close look at New Hampshire’s Medicaid financing system, the population covered and which services are covered.
  6. Pending Changes To Medicaid System – A clear timeline of the changes New Hampshire plans to make over the next five years and any long-term initiatives that have been proposed.
  7. New Initiatives For Dual Eligible Population – A review of any new programs in place or planned for New Hampshire’s dual eligible population, including state-specific programs and the federal dual demonstration program.
  8. State Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Department Organization Chart – A chart showing how the New Hampshire mental health and addiction treatment system is organized and the key players at the mental health department.
  9. Largest Organizations Providing Mental Health Services – A list of, by revenue, of the largest New Hampshire organizations by outpatient services only, and a list, by revenue, of the largest New Hampshire organizations with inpatient or residential services.
  10. Health Care Reform Initiatives – A summary of how New Hampshire has implemented the Medicaid expansion and health insurance marketplace.

New Hampshire Behavioral Health System State Profile Report: Table Of Contents

  1. New Hampshire Behavioral Health System Overview
    1. New Hampshire Health Care Coverage Map
    2. New HampshirePopulation Demographics
    3. New HampshirePopulation Distribution By Payer: National vs. State
    4. Largest New Hampshire Health Plans By Enrollment
  2. New Hampshire Medicaid System Overview
    1. New Hampshire Medicaid System Overview
    2. New Hampshire Medicaid Governance
    3. New Hampshire Medicaid System Benefits
    4. New Hampshire Medicaid Program Spending
    5. New Hampshire Medicaid Financing & Service Delivery
    6. New Hampshire Medicaid Fee-For-Service
    7. New Hampshire Medicaid Managed Care
    8. New Hampshire Medicaid Medical & Health Home Initiatives
    9. New Hampshire Medicaid Program Waivers With Impact On SMI Population
    10. Pending Changes To New Hampshire Medicaid System
  3. New Hampshire Dual Eligible Financing & Service Delivery System
    1. New Hampshire Dual Eligibles System & Financing Overview
    2. Largest Medicare Health Plans Serving Dual Eligible SMI Population In New Hampshire
    3. New Hampshire Medicaid Dual Eligible SMI Enrollment
    4. New Initiatives For Dual Eligible Population In New Hampshire
  4. New Hampshire State Behavioral Health System
    1. New Hampshire Mental Health & Addiction Services Department Budget
    2. New Hampshire Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Department Organization Chart
    3. New Hampshire Psychiatric Institutions
  5. New Hampshire State Behavioral Health Stakeholder Organizations
    1. Largest New Hampshire Organizations Providing Mental Health Services, Outpatient Services Only, By Revenue
    2. Largest New Hampshire Organizations Providing Mental Health Services, With Inpatient Or Residential Services, By Revenue
    3. Largest New Hampshire Organizations Providing Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Services Only, By Revenue
    4. Largest New Hampshire Organizations Providing Addiction Treatment, With Inpatient Or Residential Services, By Revenue
    5. New Hampshire Behavioral Health Advocacy & Trade Organizations
    6. New Hampshire Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  6. New Hampshire Health Care Reform Initiatives
    1. New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion & Health Insurance Marketplace Population
    2. New Hampshire Health Care Reform Initiatives
    3. New Hampshire Health Insurance Marketplace Plans
    4. New Hampshire Essential Health Benefit Benchmark Plan
  7. Appendices
    1. OPEN MINDS Estimates For The Share Of SMI Consumers By Payer/Plan
    2. Glossary Of Terms
    3. Sources


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