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THE OPEN MINDS Executive Blueprint For Crisis Management

Crisis Management Resource Center
The OPEN MINDS Executive Blueprint For Crisis Management is a 32-week program to help Elite-level subscribers to the OPEN MINDS Circle manage through these turbulent times and be positioned for recovery. Our team helps executives of provider organizations navigate the strategic, operational, and cultural changes of a market in turbulence. The program is based on the seven-element blueprint built by OPEN MINDS to help executives build quick, actionable strategic plans for crisis management, cash management, virtual service delivery and operations, virtual marketing and revenue generation, short-term revenue maximization, short-term business development, and post-disruption sustainability. The Executive Blueprint program has three components – live web briefings on crisis management best practice, an on-demand resource center, and expert technical assistance.

Our On-Demand Crisis Management Resource Center

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And for even more, OPEN MINDS Crisis Management Virtual Consultations

For over 30 years, OPEN MINDS has provided best-in-class management consultation and technical assistance to executives of organizations serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. We have developed a series of low-cost, high-value virtual consultations to provide executive teams with rapid fire expert advice. More information on the Crisis Management Virtual Consultation series is coming soon.

The seven-element OPEN MINDS crisis management model:

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