Non-Profit Board of Directors Performance Optimization

Non-Profit Board of Directors Performance Optimization

Selecting the right governance models, assessing board members’ capabilities, and focusing board recruitment and management…

With the change in the funding of and the role for non-profit organizations in the children’s service arena, the role of governance boards is evolving.  Today’s directors need to play a more active role in organizational oversight and planning.   Board members need to know the major environmental forces affecting the field, their role in the organization’s governance, and how to evaluate their executive director and his/her abilities to gather the resources needed to be successful in meeting the organization’s mission in the community.  But, one board governance model does not fit all organizations in the field.  OPEN MINDS brings your organization expertise in the three key areas needed to optimizing the board contribution – selecting the right governance model for the organization; assessing the board’s skills and abilities; and enhancing your board recruitment and management plan.   Our structured approach to Board Performance Optimization provides your organization with the tools to get the  most from the contributions of your board of directors.

Program Components:

1. Assessment of Your Board Governance & Composition With A Management Briefing On Best Practices in Non-Profit Board Governance
OPEN MINDS will conduct a Board of Directors Assessment Program that is tailored to your organization.  The OPEN MINDS team will:

  • Facilitate a team conference call to identify key issues and areas in board performance and governance – in order to design a full-day on-site board assessment
  • Review your current by-laws, board reporting, and related board management documentation
  • Conduct a full-day on-site assessment of the role of the board – interviewing executives and board members about governance issues; assessing the current governance model; assess current board composition, capabilities, and competencies; and identifying perceived needs of the organization relative to governance
  • Prepare a recommendation report to improve board performance through a combination of changes in governance models, board composition, board recruiting, and/or board management
  • Conduct a management briefing summarizing the recommendations from the board assessment; reviewing the range of governance models; and discussing best practices in board recruitment

2. Executive Briefings on Best Practices in Non-Profit Board Governance & Management
OPEN MINDS will conduct an executive briefing (full day on-site, half-day on-site, or web seminar) that will introduce the participants to current best practices in board governance and management.  These briefings will include information on:

  • Trends shaping organizational strategy & director roles in the behavioral health & human service field
  • The roles of the non-profit board of directors in a changing environment
  • The role of the board in assessing and improving executive director performance – and organizational performance

These intensive, interactive sessions will be customized for your organization’s management team.  In all formats, informative presentation will be blended with group interaction.


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