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Fast Track Executive Succession Services

Have an unexpected departure in your executive team? Consider OPEN MINDS if you need to ‘fast track’ a replacement. We understand the dynamics of executive roles in the changing health and human service market.
Executive departures are at an all time high in the field. The combination of the wave of “Baby Boomer” retirements and increasing demands on managers in the field have propelled rising retirements. (In 2008, there were 77,000 senior management job openings according to one survey.) Executive and manager vacancies now average 10 to 40% of positions. Barriers to finding suitable leaders include difficulty finding executives with specific
skills, competition for the same insector talent pool, and a lack of resources to find or cultivate

If you are facing replacement of a member of your executive or management team, let OPEN MINDS assist you with a rapid replacement.

Program Components

  1. An interim executive on a part-time or fulltime basis
  2. An assessment of the position, creating an enhanced competency-based position description and an inventory of the knowledge, skills, and competencies of ideal candidates
  3. Collaboration with the Board of Directors to define and conduct a planned recruitment and hiring process for the new executive
  4. Outreach to potential candidates through our database of over 300,000 industry executives
  5. Assistance with recruitment, screening, interviewing, and assessment process, including an assessment as to whether the candidate is a good cultural fit (a major factor with leadership positions)
  6. Orientation, technical assistance, and/or coaching for the new executive OPEN MINDS Fast Track Executive Succession Services Times of executive transition present an opportunity for the Board of Directors to examine the agency’s operations and activities. OPEN MINDS can help guide the Board through a process to examine whether current operations are in alignment with the organization’s mission, within its resource limits and
  7. Whether activities are carried out efficiently. Our team can help you  with:


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