Electronic Health Record (EHR) Selection Assistance

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Selection Assistance

Stay Ahead With Selecting The Right Electronic Health Record System

In the context of recent Federal mandates for health providers to move exclusively to electronic record keeping methods, and in light of evidence that such information storage can also lead to many operational efficiencies and improvement (i.e., more ready access to and communication of clinical information, better coordination of care, opportunities to track key performance data, etc.), almost all providers are in the market for an electronic health record (EHR). Our team of skilled consultants is expert at both the operational challenges faced by behavioral and social service organizations and the current trends in the electronic recordkeeping industry, OPEN MINDS can offer invaluable assistance in selecting the best EHR for your organization.

The Challenge of Choice

As the virtual “Central Nervous System” of your organization, few decisions are as critical as the choice of an EHR. It will not only represent a substantial investment of time, effort and money, but may be the single most consequential change that will shape the functioning and success of your operation for many years to come. As if consideration of what can be very substantial costs of software and related charges for implementation and ongoing support alone aren’t daunting enough, it can also be sobering to confront the growing morass of software vendors, each of which will be happy to convince you that their software and services are your unquestioned best option. How does one chose the EHR software and related vendor that will not just satisfy Federal mandates, but truly meet all of your organization’s various and unique needs and do that in a way that affords your organization the most capacity for future development and the most “bang for your buck”?

Program Components

OPEN MINDS can provide expert assistance to help you – starting at the very beginning of this complex process through final implementation. Our key components to EHR Vendor Selection are:

  • Development of a competitive request for proposal (RFP) which will showcase potential software specifications to be used by your organization
  • Full-day on-site meeting to review management priorities, review current RFP efforts, finalize RFP outline, identify all EHR software specifications
  • Release finalized RFP to identified vendors
  • Organize, compile, and review RFP responses for on-site demos
  • Full-day on-site meeting to assist with preliminary evaluation of software vendor demonstrations to guide in the EHR selection process. Evaluation of vendors may be based on: functionality, customer support and services, implementation expertise, company stablity; and cost.
  • Full-day on-site meeting following final demonstrations to review all scoring and materials to aid in the final selection, review draft contracts for proposed changes, and discuss pricing negotiation strategies and next steps as needed


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