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Assisting Organizations in Enhancing Their Effectiveness and Economies of Scale

During these times of economic crisis, an increasing number of agencies are considering mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for survival. While such a tactic may be the most effective, there are a number of issues to consider including strategic fit, market research, risk/reward analysis, organizational culture fit, and planful integration. There are also other collaborative models that organizations may want to consider in light of their unique situation. OPEN MINDS provides technical assistance to agencies in the exploration and implementation of mergers, acquisitions or other collaborative ventures.

Let us help your organization explore the options that will assure its optimal future success. Our technical assistance services will assist you through the key phases necessary to explore mergers, acquisitions, and collaborative ventures.

Program Components

Phase I: Develop M&A Strategy and Assessing Potential M&A Candidate Organization
Step 1. Assess Organizational Strategy & Develop Model With Best Strategic Fit Of Collaborations

Step 2 – Identification Of Potential M&A Partners

Step 3 – Due Diligence Of Selected Potential M&A Partners

Phase II: Implementing the Merger or Acquisition
Step 1 – Analysis of Market Positioning and Service Line Offering of Merged Organizations
Step 2 – Develop Organizational Strategy of Combined Organization

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